Hidden Temple

Hidden Temple
Finally here we are inside the temple, large halls now empty, in some places the roof has collapsed, strange statues observe the adventurers who decide to enter.

- Entrance level: A large hall with colonnades, two side rooms that end with protruding balconies on the main hall.
- Main hall: Two stairways allow you to go down into this huge hall. A reinforced gate to the north is the only way to continue the exploration
- The corridor: This long corridor with lateral niches is crossed by a small canal, greenish liquid flows out of the mouth of a huge stone head, two other doors open on the sides.
- The necropolis: The door on the right leads to a crypt, one of the alcoves hides a secret passage to the outside.
- Lower levels: The door on the left leads to stairs that go down, there is a warehouse room, before going down again
- Final rooms: The last rooms are flooded and the corridor leading to the last room, the heart of the temple, is full of water up to the ceiling.

Tag: Dungeon, Temple
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